Meet the Director

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Since 2006, Marcellin Abong is the Director of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre and the Vanuatu National Cultural Council. He holds a Master degree in archeology from Université de la Sorbonne in France.

About Us

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The Vanuatu Cultural Center is a statutory body under the laws of Vanuatu whose primary function is “to support, encourage and make provisions for the preservation, protection and development of various aspects of the cultural heritage of Vanuatu”.


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The Vanuatu Cultural Centre manages several projects to acheive its mission “promote, protect and preserve the different aspects of the culture of Vanuatu”.

News & Information

Below are some of the information and projects that the Vanuatu Cultural Centre is working on.

Under the provision of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, the Vanuatu National Cultural and History Heritage Section currently manages several projects for the promotion, the protection and the preservation of the Roi Mata Domain, a World Heritage Site inscribed at the UNESCO since 2008.

In 2011, in partnership with the Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle of the French Embasssy, the Vanuatu Cultural Centre signed an agreement for the digitalization of the audiovisual, photographics and sound archives of the Archive Unit.

In 2011, the TKS project has been launched. Located in Lenakel (Tanna island), this project leads several activities : cinebush, concerts, theatre trainings, theatre performance, photography trainings, museum exhibitions, seminars (anthropology, cultural studies, linguistic, geohazards, etc.), the creation of a database of videos and photographies on the culture of the TAFEA province with a free access, production of documentaries, and video clip, etc.

Since September 2013, the Vanuatu Cultural Centre and the Vanuatu National Cultural and Scientic Research Council is involved in the Pacenet+ project, supported by the European Commission.


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